About Carr's Steakhouse

The Carr family has been serving up great food for over sixty years. Through the decades and our family's generations, we have worked toward a single mission: to serve our guests exceptional, memorable meals from the heart, making our craft part of our guests lives, & providing a memorable dining experience with each visit.

We are so glad you have been a part of our lives; whether you were a patron of Carr’s Barn Café started by Wayne Sr. & Ozell Carr, or a die-hard regular of Carr’s Barn BBQ where you were served by four generations of the Carr Family , or guests in our newest concept Carr’s Steakhouse which is located just across the street from our original historic spot.

In 2011 here in Mayfield, the children of Wayne & Ozell Carr, and their families launched a big bold concept that was years in the making. We renovated three historic buildings from the early 1900’s. Over the years these buildings served as a salon, appliance store, tire store, car dealership, restaurant, & a century ago, they were originally the Shelton Buggy Company. Today this cluster of buildings houses the one and only Carr’s Steakhouse.

Carr’s Steakhouse offers guests exceptional & memorable meals with spectacular service, Southern cuisine, and a distinctive dining experience. We also strive to be more than just another restaurant on the road. Our steakhouse delivers unique events and experiences that you won’t find just anywhere - events like our Wine & Craft Beer Tasting Dinners, Bourbon Dinners, live music, band nights, & much more. Our restaurant & family have strong ties to our community. We host numerous fundraisers, charity events, as well as sponsoring many teams & groups from our area schools. Our private dining room and covered outdoor seating provides space for large groups, parties, meetings, & reunions to come together at Carr’s. We partner with other local businesses often, helping our community prosper.

We want to thank you for dining with us and making our day! - The Carr Family

“The only time to eat diet food is while you are waiting for the steak to cook.”

- Julia Child

“It’s fun to get together & have something good to eat at least once a day. That’s what human life is all about, enjoying things.”

- Julia Child